The West is only discovering today that taking time is a priority.

Yet from the earliest times, the people of East and Africa have discovered the benefits of therapeutic and relaxing massages and have already shown more than positive results.

I lived many years in Asia and Africa and I found that people used the preventive massage, which drastically decreases the physical and psychological problems.

Massages specialist for over 20 years, meditation and natural food, I offer you the quintessence of all my knowledge, fruit of many years of experience with health professionals and masters of massage in Thailand, India , Japan, Madagascar, Europe and as well close to nutrition professionals in the United States.

Depending on the nature of your needs or if it’s only for relaxation, I will advise you on the most appropriate care method for your situation.

Of course I do not attribute any medical diagnosis, this staying the domain of a doctor.

I remain at your disposal for any information and I will see you soon for a moment of better-Being!



Le Petit Coin Massages

Nadia Bernier

Masseuse thérapeute diplômée

Rue Louis-de-Savoie 71

1110 Morges

Lundi-vendredi: 10h00-19h00

Samedi: 10h00-15h00

Tel. 079 262 99 80 (sur RDV)



Paiement comptant en fin de séance ; Annulation 24H à l’avance sans quoi la séance vous sera facturée.

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