75 minutes / CHF 130.-

The Nadia's massage can be done in 60 minutes for CHF 110.-

With all the therapies that I have acquired over the years, I have developed my own method (a restorative massage and mindful, therapeutic and at the same time relaxing) allowing a deep work that touches the body and mind, which binds softness and firmness, which allows a letting go of the mind, which energizes the physical part, which undoes the muscular knots, which relaxes the nervous system, which favors the blood and lymphatic circulation and which eliminates the toxins.

The work on the main meridians of the body leads to redistribute the energies and thus to raise the vibratory rate of the massaged person.

I like to take time to do the massages. This allows me to customize them as needed because I can work in the smallest detail.

massage de nadia


60 minutes / CHF 110.-
90 minutes / CHF 160.-

This massage is soft and firm at the same time, adapted according to the person. Essential oils are specially chosen to calm the mind and release emotional tension, it will help at the same time to dissolve the muscle knots, promote blood and lymphatic circulation and eliminate toxins. The person will be one with his body and mind.

huile essentielle


60 minutes / CHF 110.-
90 minutes / CHF 160.-

This massage is more enveloping than Nadia's massage, softer, less intense in muscle work. However, it allows a work just as elaborate as the massage of Nadia.

massage balinais


90 minutes / CHF 160.-

This massage remedies certain physical or psychological problems, can be carried on specific areas of the body or the whole body, has beneficial effects on the joints, blood circulation, lymphatic system and eliminate toxins, offers the possibility to relax and at the same time overcome the pains one experiences in the back, undo tensions in the muscles and optimize the flexibility of the joints.

massage therapeutique


30 minutes / CHF 70.-

Focused on the back and the neck, this intense massage releases the tensions accumulated by everyday life.

massage du dos

(not before 3 months and until 8 months)

60 minutes / CHF 110.-

This massage relieves painful stomachs, facilitates blood and lymphatic circulation, relieves sciatica and lumbar pains and allows the future mother to relax.

massage maternite

OIL is used for all the massages mentioned above and the person is lying on a table. The person is undressed but covered with a bath towel. The worked part is discovered the time of the care.

image bouddha


45 minutes / CHF 90.-

This massage is a manual therapy based on the existence of reflex zones at the level of the feet, representing each organ of the body and when these zones are activated by simple pressure, the state of the organ is improved or revitalized.

Reflexology has the effect of relaxing, improving blood circulation, acting on all physical symptoms by stimulating the corresponding reflex points, promotes the self-healing capacity of the body, rebalances the flow of vital energy in the body and provides mental and physical relaxation.

massage reflexologie


60 minutes / CHF 110.-
90 minutes / CHF 160.-

It can be said that thai massage is a yoga for lazy people.

It is an intensive work consisting of stretching inspired by yoga that improves fluidity and ease of the body. The therapist takes care to articulate the members of the person after having worked the body by pressure on all the meridians that relax and unwind the blockages and muscles tensions.

It uses the pressure of the fingers, palms, sometimes elbows that rebalance the vital energy flowing in each of us.

The blood circulation is improved, the tensions, the stress, the fatigue are diminished, or even removed. The body becomes in order again.

It is a preventive and therapeutic massage. By relaxing, the body releases physical pains and also allows to release negative emotions.

It is practiced dressed lying on a tatami.

massage thai


60 minutes / CHF 110.-
90 minutes / CHF 160.-

Native from China but adapted by the japanese, this massage is performed by pressure of the fingers and palms at the reflex points and all the meridians of the body.

It eliminates blockages so that the body regains its stability and health. The pressures on the whole body allow to act on most of the physical and psychological disorders of the individual. It is a therapeutic massage but does not exclude its application for a relaxation massage. It is much sweeter than thaï massage.

It is practiced dressed lying on a tatami.

massage shiatsu

(Vodder method)

60 minutes / CHF 100.-
90 minutes / CHF 150.-

It is a very gentle massage technique that stimulates the circulation of the lymph, detoxifies the body and strengthens the immune system. It is performed with the fingers and palms of the hands on the face and body and follows the direction of the lymphatic circulation by varying the pressure.

The lymph is a liquid that circulates in the lymphatic vessels thanks to the impulses of the muscles and the blood vessels. It serves as a waste disposal system, such as excess liquids, toxins and cellular debris. Impaired lymph circulation can lead to limb swelling, premature aging, cellulite, heavy legs or stretch marks.

This massage is practiced lying on a massage table. The person is undressed but covered with a bath towel. The worked part is discovered the time of the care.

massage lymphatique

(from 5 to 11 years old)

30 minutes / CHF 50.-
45 minutes / CHF 70.-
60 minutes / CHF 90.-

In ancient times massages were also practiced to children and adolescents. Touch was something normal.

Nowadays in the West we have lost this meaning.

In addition our children are less understood by parents and one simple massage could calm them and make them find a better communication with adults.

For this massage, either massage oil can be used and the child is lying on a table. The child is undressed but covered with a bath towel. The worked part is discovered the time of the care.

Either the child can choose to stay dressed and be massaged with finger pressure as for shiatsu massage.

massage enfant

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