60 minutes / CHF 100.-
(until 3 persons) 60 minutes / CHF 30.- per pers.
Day and time to define.

This method of meditation is based on conscious breaths that will help the cerebral amygdala to calm down. The amygdala is a small gland located in our brain that is the cause of all our agitations.

The more the amygdala is pacified, the more we leave our emotions, fears, anxieties, pains, ruminations, negative thoughts, criticisms, judgments, malaise, aggression, hate, anger, intolerance, jealousy, lies, dishonesty, intolerances, denigrations, rejections , hostilities etc ... to break free to find peace in our body and mind.

We become master of our ego.

We become in law of attraction with who we are. By dint of working on ourselves, then there will be re-union with this Power who gave shape and consciousness to all creation and who is unconditional Love, unlimited joy, constant support, health, protection, satisfactions of all needs , creativity, prosperity, personal accomplishment, self-confidence, enthusiasm, laughter, spontaneity, well-being, innate optimism, etc ... This technique will allow you to be autonomous.

Thank you for bringing a small carpet and a cushion as well as to wear loose clothes.

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Le Petit Coin Massages

Nadia Bernier

Masseuse thérapeute diplômée

Rue Louis-de-Savoie 71

1110 Morges

Lundi-vendredi: 10h30-19h00

Samedi: 10h30-12h30

Tel. 079 262 99 80 (sur RDV)

Paiement comptant en fin de séance ; Annulation 24H à l’avance sans quoi la séance vous sera facturée.

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