60 minutes / CHF 100.-

Monitoring :
30 minutes / CHF 50.-

Specialist of raw vegetable food since 2009, I was trained in the United States by the Hippocrates Institute in Florida to become a health educator (Health Educator), then in 2010 "Living Light Art Culinary school" in California, to learn "vegan" cooking. I have collaborated with Mr. Jacques-Pascal Cusin for the book "The secrets of the living food" edition Albin Michel 2012 and I was a consultant in vegan gastronomy for a restaurant in Geneva.

Despite my specialization in raw vegetable nutrition, I realized that a simpler and more natural way of feeding me suited me better and the benefits were very fast.

The raw vegetable diet made me go to the extreme of junk food and allowed me to return to a fair environment with a healthier, simple, good and balanced food. What the body needs neither more nor less.

This change in diet can be beneficial if you have overweight, digestive problems, fatigue, sugar cravings, intolerances, headaches, eczema, morbidity, sleep disorder, asthma or simply because you want to eat better.

The goal is to relearn to your palate to feel the natural taste of the food, while continuing to eat what you enjoy but in another way.

I can help you review your diet with tips, recipes and follow-up in how you organize.

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Le Petit Coin Massages

Nadia Bernier

Masseuse thérapeute diplômée

Rue Louis-de-Savoie 71

1110 Morges

Lundi-vendredi: 10h30-19h00

Samedi: 10h30-12h30

Tel. 079 262 99 80 (sur RDV)

Paiement comptant en fin de séance ; Annulation 24H à l’avance sans quoi la séance vous sera facturée.

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